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SpeakUP is a web app that makes the proces of learning English while watching films more effective. Learn the spoken English and improve your vocabulary the fun way.

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How does it work?

1. Pick a film

Pick a film in our app and play it on your favourite platform with English sound and subtitles.

2. Launch Live View

Choose the Live View section in our app and let it give you translations of difficult or unusual expressions.

3. Practise vocabulary

After finishing watching, memorize all the expressions in the Vocabulary section.

4. Practise grammar

Practise your grammar with examples from the films in the Grammar section.

What is it?

SpeakUP is a web app that makes the process of learning English while watching films more effective. Learn the spoken english and improve you vocabulary the fun way.

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I see that lately there is a big trend to learn new vocabulary from films. SpeakUP is fun, you can easily remember new expressions because you can associate them with scenes from films. For me, it is an ideal method for all age groups. In addition, with SpeakUP you have a certified translation that also takes cultural aspects, idioms and phrases into account. Who wouldn't want to know a cool phrase and dazzle others? Thanks to everyone who contributed to this great site.

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Eva Pěčková

First certified language coach in the Czech Republic

About us

We are high school students from Ostrava, Czech Republic. As a part of the educational JA Company Programme we have come up with a web application that improves your English vocabulary through films. With this product we won the Czech National Finals of this programme.

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This product was created thanks to the educational JA Company Programme.